A Legacy of Farming: Koteles Family Story

At Koteles Farms, we believe that our mission goes beyond just growing asparagus.

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In the early 1940s, a couple of determined and hardworking grandparents made a life-changing journey from Hungary to Canada. They brought with them a deep-rooted heritage of farming, a tradition that had been passed down through generations. They settled in the heartland, where they could continue to cultivate the land, just as their ancestors had done for centuries.

Initially, they focused on growing tobacco. The fields were filled with the vibrant green leaves, and the air was rich with the earthy scent of their labor. Tobacco farming was intense and demanding, but they were no strangers to hard work. Each leaf picked, each row tended, was a testament to their perseverance and dedication.

As the years went by, the market for tobacco began to change. Ever adaptable, Joe’s perents decided to diversify their crops. They experimented with various types of produce before discovering the perfect fit: asparagus. The tall, slender stalks of asparagus flourished under their care, and soon, they became known for their high-quality produce.

This switch to asparagus marked a new chapter for the farm. The grandparents’ meticulous attention to detail and their unwavering commitment to quality transformed their farm into a thriving enterprise. They passed down their knowledge, their skills, and their passion for farming to their children and grandchildren.


Today, Joe stands at the helm of the farm, carrying on the family tradition. He walks the same fields that his grandparents once did, tending to the asparagus with the same care and dedication. The farm is more than just a business; it is a living legacy, a tribute to the resilience and hard work of his ancestors.

Joe often reflects on the stories his grandparents told him about the early days—how they braved the unknown, adapted to new challenges, and ultimately thrived. Their journey from Hungary to Canada, from tobacco to asparagus, is a source of inspiration. It’s a reminder that with perseverance, adaptability, and a love for the land, anything is possible.

This year, like years before the farm continues to grow with the help of 80 Jamaican seasonal workers and many great Canadian workers. Their contribution and hard work have been invaluable, adding to the farm's success and continuing the legacy of hard work and dedication that Joe's grandparents started.

And so, the farm continues to flourish, rooted in the traditions of the past, yet ever evolving to meet the needs of the future. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of Joe’s grandparents and the legacy they built from the ground up.


Joe Koteles, CEO of Koteles Farms Ltd

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